A Place for all your Floral Needs

HELLO!!! I am Danielle I raise flowers and kids here in Roy, WA. Dahlias are my specialty, I have been growing them since I was 12 yrs old. My family received a few heirloom tubers from family friends. And this simple gift turned into a life long passion for all things flowers, but especially for dahlias. 
   I began using them in wedding bouquets, back at my own wedding, in 2007. And ever since then I have done so many I can't even remember. It is such a special time and I so enjoy decorating for weddings.  I have gathered many fun decor items over the yrs. so I have vintage and modern vases and pieces of decor to share, for anyone who uses me as their wedding florist.
  I have worked in a flower shop as a design artist for a few yrs. But I get so bored with the monotony of it all..there is truly no room for art in that setting.  I am not a fan of following a recipe in flowers or food, I always have to improvise in a few areas. During this time I have seen how people are taken advantage of in the time of sorrow and remembrance. So I truly enjoy bringing colorful and meaningful beauty to funerals and memorial services. And I have even helped to plan these special events in the past when it was needed.

I guarantee to exceed your expectations in BEAUTY and PRICES....

We are going to get back to barefoot gardening,
I look forward to sharing my passion with you and your family...

Currently we have around a hundred varieties of dahlias growing and available. Below is a sample of flowers currently for sale.  Prices are as follows. 

$1 dollar per stem for most Dahlias and flowers on site. 

$2 dollars for all dinner plate Dahlias. 

We do arrangements for all occasions, just contact me for more details. 

Delivery is available upon request, message for more details. 

Tubers available in the spring only.